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A world of cheap eyewear...

Its sad these days to see men and women put so much thought and effort into their shoes, outfits, handbags, etc. and be in ugly, cheap, poorly fitting glasses. It really kills me. You have $500 shoes, a $2000 purse and look fantastic. Except your wearing cheap glasses made in china for Warby Parker. (I'm looking at you Oprah and Gayle!) Its like buying what looks like a brand new BMW and opening the hood and seeing a 40 year old golf cart engine. Maybe you got a deal but did you? Nope. I got to hand it to Warby Parker tho, they are a marketing machine. They have lots of people fooled that they are actually selling a great...

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Fantastic New Sunglasses from Salt Optics + Aether

Salt Optics just released a new collaboration with Aether. They include 2 new styles, Salt Optics Scout and Salt Optics Explorer with interesting vented side shields to block more sun and wind. Basically these frames just scream cool and I want to be on my motorcycle. Check out the video and images! Lets Ride! Salt. + Aether - Scout from SALT. Optics on Vimeo.  

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Salt Optics. One of our Favorite Companies, Glasses, & People.

We are raving fans of Salt. Optics. These guys are just great. They make fantastic eyewear that is super wearable and made with the highest Japanese handcrafted quality. We have been working with them since 2010 and are a exclusive dealer.   Salt Optics utilizes premium titanium and cotton based acetate which adds to the quality and longevity of their frames. Glasses Shop Girl highly recommends you give Salt Optics a try. We have 1000's of customers who are so pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of their Salt Optics Eyewear. Salt Optics moto is simple things made well. We could not agree more!

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