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About Us

Hi There! My name is Stacey. I have been an optician since I was 19 and own a great optical store. This is my online web store for the fantastic brands of eyewear that I love. The quality is second to none and every brand has a story that I love, with people that I am exicted to work with.

The brands of eyewear we love to sell are all handcrafted in Japan, France, Germany or Italy by real technical craftsman and women. They are paid well for the amazing talents they possess to make something unique and of the highest quality. 

Our shop has been in business since 2008 delivering the worlds finest eyewear and sunglasses all over the world. We offer free shipping to the USA, Europe, Asia & Australia. You can reach me anytime at

I get to work with my husband, my awesome dog and a great team of opticians, designers and amazing luxury eyewear manufacturers. I just love it when people come back and tell me how thrilled they are with how many people compliment them all the time on their eyewear. We are always excited to bring the best eyewear delivered to your door that will last for sometimes a lifetime.